Why Flickr?

At first it was intended to keep our old Gallery for photo uploads. But we wanted to make it easy for anyone with a mobile phone to directly upload photos immediately after a bash, or even during!

There were some apps for our existing Gallery, but it would require a lot of work to support the major phones and keep up-to-date with changes.

So why re-invent the wheel when photo-sharing websites already make it easy? We looked into the main photo sharing sites and chose Flickr.

Flickr has apps for virtually every mobile device. Flickr is the probably still the most popular photo sharing site. And most importantly it is free, allowing each basher to upload 300MB of photos and two videos a month. Finally for our web nerd it has an API that allows us to programmatically integrate the photos into our website galleries.The main alternative contender was Google Picasa, but it's free account has a total photo limit rather than monthly allowance. The monthly allowance suits our monthly bike hash needs better, and so the choice was made.