OCT 6 SAT 12:00 2012
OCT 6 SAT 12:00 2012

September Bike Hash - Potters Bar




Newgate Street SG13 8RA

Starting from The Coach & Horses pub, 61 Newgate Street village, Herts.


The nearest train station is Cuffley (a cyclable distance-make your own way).


Near M25.

Parking at the pub is limited but there is enough parking space around it.


Note the change of date, again, to Saturday!

Apologies, but we postponed this bash by one week as Manuel the hare was not ready with reccie-ing the route in time. The rain is probably to blame, I hear the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain :)

Now the route is all finalised and this will take place on Saturday, the 6th of October. The trail will be circa 20 miles, mostly dry and not too difficult for beginners.


The Coach & Horses pub at 61 Newgate street Village, Herts

Food is served until 4pm. Pre-orders before the start advisable.

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