MAR 30 SUN 12:00 2014
MAR 30 SUN 12:00 2014

March Bike Hash - Goring & Streatley




Goring & Streatley RG8 9RL

The Four Points Inn, crossroads on B4009, half kmĀ south of Aldworth, RG8 9RL,

01635 578367. Grid ref: SU554788. (Junc 12/13 on M4)


Nearest train station: Goring and Streatley - 5.5km away, but including 1 mile of 1 in 7 gradient so leave plenty of time to cycle this!
Paddington departure (Oxford train): 9.45 gets to G&S at 10.57;
The 10.45 departure arrives at G&S at 12.00 exactly.
The ride will have started by the time you get there, but catching up is a possibility as it will be well marked by Hare!


The trails haveĀ dried off considerably since last month's cancelled bash due to flooding! So we are back in business with a trail c/o Dipstick aka Peter.


We plan to arrive back at the pub between 2:30 & 3:00, although the pub does food all day!!

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