JAN 26 SAT 12:00 2013
JAN 26 SAT 12:00 2013

January Bike Hash - Thursley




Thursley GU8 6QD

The Three Horseshoes pub, Dyehouse Road, Thursley, Surrey Hills. Conveniently near A3 near Godalming in the beautiful Surrey Hills.


The nearest railway stations are a 4/5 mile ride from Witley/Milford (or even Godalming/Haslemere, 8 miles) so the better option may be to drive there.  Headboy can pick up 1 or 2 riders from Godalming/Milford/Witley station if arranged by Friday evening (07878 630329).


Conveniently near A3 near Godalming.


Punctual 12.00 start as kitchens have a closing time! Smashem will use all his local knowledge to provide an excellent trail.


The kitchen in the pub is open for lunch until 2:15 p.m. only.  So a punctual start at 12.00 (Tony!) will definitely be happening to get us back on time. Slower riders can start earlier if they like.  If you want to eat at the pub, get your order in BEFORE the ride. Our next email later in the week will have a menu attached, or else get there early enough to order/oil chain/pay etc.

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